This form should only be used to create a SONA Volunteer Account which will allow you to participate in paid or unpaid research studies via the SONA system.

DO NOT use your student number as your User ID when creating a SONA Volunteer Account as this is reserved for SONA Student Accounts only.

All Students undertaking research participation for course credit will have a SONA Student Account created for them automatically when you enroll in a relevant course.

See main page for information about how to request a SONA Student Account if you do not have one and are enrolled in a course which allows you to earn course credit in return for research participation.

When you submit this form your SONA Volunteer account User ID and password will be emailed to your nominated email address. You must choose a user ID that is not already in use, and also specify an email address that is not already registered in the system. User IDs may be up to 30 characters in length and contain letters and numbers. To protect your privacy, you will only be identified to researchers with a unique numeric code that the system will assign, not by your name.